Nex Gen Media Server - Live Video Anywhere     

Nex Gen Media Server Lite (NGMS-Lite) is completely free to use by anyone. NGMS-Lite lacks some functionality present in the full version of NGMS the most notable of which is no real-time transcoding support. View the feature matrix to compare the features of NGMS and NGMS-Lite.


Nex Gen Media Server (NGMS) is licensed by Nex Gen Bits, LLC and may be available at no cost for use in certain educational, religious, or non-commercial institutions. In either case, NGMS requires a valid license key for continuous streaming.

NGMS License Key

After you first install a single instance of NGMS you will need to create an evaluation license key request on your system. Use without a valid license key will limit the video streaming duration.

From the command line run NGMS with the --licgen argument.

  • cd [NGMS installation directory]
  • ./ngms --licgen
  • Copy the generated license key request text and email it to
  • You will receive the license key as a file license.dat. Copy the license key file into the file path [NGMS installation directory]/etc/license.dat

For commercial use, or use in conjunction with any activity which generates revenue, an explicit license (End User License Agreement “EULA”) must be obtained and complied with.

To request more details about licensing please use our contact form or email